Dr. Neamatollah Nojumi



Dr. Neamatollah Nojumi is a Senior Fellow at the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. He is a leading scholar on international peace building, conflict analysis and resolution, world religions and deliberative democracy. He presented the finding of his research to numerous conferences around the world on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Western China, Central Asia and the Middle East. Dr. Nojumi has done comparative constitutional studies within the Muslim majority countries with a strong focus on judicial reform, political openness, social justice and religious peacemaking. Nojumi’s latest research is on ‘Deterrence Doctrines and Practices in the 21st Century Peace-building.’ He has received recognition and certificate of achievement from governmental and non-governmental organizations. He is a member of the International Honored Society and he received George Mason University’s nomination to the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace’s award. Nojumi also received an honorary award from the American Rotary Club for his dedication to the World Health Organization and UNICEF programs aimed to eradicate polio worldwide. Dr. Nojumi received his PhD from George Mason University; Post-Mast and Masters degrees from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, at Tufts University; Bachelor Degree from University of Hartford. He served as a Research Fellow at Harvard Law School and he also studied International Development at Yale University.

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